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What are Mobicam mobile monitoring towers?

Mobile monitoring towers are an innovative solution that makes it easier to monitor places where it is impossible or very difficult to apply solutions known from classic monitoring infrastructure. As solutions based on human work are often ineffective or simply too expensive.

Thanks to a light, mobile design, they have changed the perception of monitoring as part of a complex infrastructure.

Analytics and Research

Hanging fruit to identify a ballpark value Podcasting offer.

Design & Devlopent

Hanging fruit to identify a ballpark value Podcasting offer.

Mobile monitoring towers can be set up anywhere, or moved depending on current needs. Here are some examples of such places:


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What will Mobicam give you?

With a wealth of additional equipment, we provide solutions tailored specifically to the needs of the client.

Mobicam provides support in choosing the required configuration,

along with transport and installation by our technician.

A dozen or so minutes after delivery, the device is ready for operation.


Minimization of the human factor (no installation team, no watchman).


Eliminating the need to invest in the purchase of expensive monitoring equipment.


Mobility that allows the use of monitoring in non-standard applications.


Excellent monitoring quality thanks to modern equipment.


Saves time when planning and implementing investments and excludes maintenance and service costs.


Reliability thanks to a modern service system.


Rent or Buy. Service included.

The Mobicam company offers periodic rental and sale of mobile monitoring towers, as well as regular equipment for CCTV monitoring.

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Mobicam Guarantee

The Mobicam warranty is the highest quality workmanship, the most modern components available on the market, and a gold medal at the BUDMA International Fair in Poznań in 2018.